Welcome to No. 36 RAC on the Net
No. 36 RAC on the Net

Whats New?

Not a lot - best to get in touch via the 36RAC Facebook Group these days probably.

What's not particularly new :-)
- 41RAC have a web site.. albeit a bit static like this one..
- Neil Snudden caught up with John Mullens in Alice Springs (2003?)
[see the photo, large version]
- Reunion Photos (dont forget to 'refresh')
- Still 'lost' members - Ray Jones, 'Pot' Hewitt, Max Hardman. Can you help?

Welcome to 36 RAC on the Net!

For the uninitated Number 36 Radio Apprentice Course (No. 36 RAC) is a group of men who joined the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in 1982 to train as electronics technicians. Graduations took place in 1984 and in some cases these folks have not seen each other since.

Reunion 2002 (20 years on) took place 18-20Jan - good time had by all.

This web site is aimed at 36 RAC, their families and friends.


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