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Goodbye Mr Rat...

⊰ 2009-02-01 by ShaunO ⊱

Never e'nuff certainty,
although, of course,
'constant change' comes to mind,
oh, that cliche again...
possibly more accurate...
the constancy of history repeating?

Repealing 2008,
remembering 1928,
revealing 2008...
Ever feel like,
you wanted to get off?
The ever loud driving,
the 'party',
the bass-beat of greed...
'get ahead',
'go ahead',
too empty a mantra...
Left ringing in your ears?

Did you get a chance to stop and look...
at the beauty of the swirling snow?
or, read that book?

The big Ox might give a lead?
a bare shoulder, previously,
turned into the cold wind,
hard toil,
love & more persistence?
Ever present internal beauty,
learned to turn a blind eye to all whippings,
drudging honest hoofs through snow...
waiting for a 'real' day?
This is the real deal?
the real year?
It's here my dear brother...
all that investment, well done,
time to make some withdrawals,
and invest where love calls you,
to that wide open door...

A mountain on fire,
doused in doubt,
and spewing forth in pain...
Thundering claps of cantering,
horses hoofs,
being over-taken by the trains...
But, constellation gemini,
will be in ascendant,
ever refusing to lie down.

It's looked worse than this,
and we've pulled through...
One Oxen foot lead by another,
Gonna have to learn the easy stuff,
all over again,
one hard step at a time...

And to our mercurial master,
languishing in pause,
seeking peace,
in Love, a cause...
to you my brother,
all wishes beautiful...
for your own skill,
you gotta be on your own side...
You will root out your own truth,
of that I am sure...
Pigs can be a little aimless,
but moving mountains you have been set,
it's a messy business mate,
but it's in there,
keep looking,
don't wait...

Have you heard the story?
A Pig, an Ox, and Horse walk into a bar...
Bar Keep says,
"You're a weird lot"...

"You bettcha!
We've been rooting around for years,
for the truth..."
Pig says,
"With a steadfast eye out,
for honesty"
the thoughtfully resolute Ox adds,
"and... as always..."
the silly fat horse, in reflection, tips his head coyly to one side,
(get ready for the verbiage...)
"we are cantering off not quite together,
having learnt lots from each other,
and blessed with some understanding,
love and compassion,
a sense of the absurd,
the wonderfulness of sillyness,
and sarcasm?
or beauty?
or a fundamental understanding that,
having survived as friends in any family is...
a major reason for celebration!"

Viva 'Animal Signs',
Viva la difference.


Viva 2009!

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