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Hook, Line, and Sinker

⊰ 2009-02-07 by ShaunO ⊱

Yeah c'mon!
belly-flop in,
take a big mouthful,
of those ghosts,
which have been.

Squiggle the surface,
a tempting?
a pretty fishing 'fly'?
see its reflection,
of past,
and have a good cry.

Fish havin' fun

Triple hooks,
strong tropical fishing rig,
a doubling of chance?
for real insight,
or un-truth,
or another merry dance?

Big weights,
rough seas,
commune with the mermaids,
and other fantasies...

But don't waste time...
trawling that bottom,
down there in those depths,
its not likely, big hooks,
will catch the sublime...

Trolling the fast line,
speeding boats,
big lures,
hunting fat fishes...
all on the run?
High speed hook-ups,
and dead fish,
all over the deck,
what guarantee of fun?

On a serene back-water...
hear the happy fish,
splish, splosh, splish...

Dive in too,
content with sharing,
swim about in,
the estuary,
with all of our kind...
all paddling together,
Loving, giving,
in the big pond,
the catchers and the caught,
we are all...

Basically the same.
this is this life,
not a big boat, or a big fish,
nor a big game.

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