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God Forbidden Dream

⊰ 2009-04-27 by ShaunO ⊱

They found him in the bathroom,
exit wound identifiable,
full metal jacket,
muzzle velocity,
2,800 feet per second,
blew the back of his head,
clean out.

The blood on the wall was...
in the pattern of?
well, possibly...
Any symbol of the times which,
the media could assign it,
however stupidly...
"If it bleeds, it leads"...

Oh look!...
It's a swastika,
or a hammer and sickle.
Maybe it's the morally broken cross of...
a British flag,
or liberation and the pursuit of happiness,
in white,
land-mine explosions,
on blue,
or the red and white blood soaked lines...
visions of some 'neo-con' fanatic...

What was he thinking...
(well, prior to not having any brains left to think with)...
too much blood,
too much pain?
too much truth?

Trying to roll with the 'gig',
desperately trying,
to meet the protestant,
work ethic pattern?
or how shitty it is to be,
a lousy sinning catholic?
You are fucking joking?
He asked.
Aren't you?...

He was looking down the barrel,
a long black tunnel,
no light,
at the end of,
an apparent human-less humanity.

Just another day,
it should have been special,
a celebration of 'being here' optimism,
the world just, and,
just beautiful by its presence...
The warm summer rain dripping from,
a red rose's petals of innocence...

Maybe it's a temporary delusion,
all wish to subscribe to...

RSS feeds look something like?:
EP0100: Histories constancy...
EP0101: 20th century justifies killing anyone,
who doesn't believe in what 'we' do...
EP0201: 21st century repeats last centuries mistakes
EP0202: Protestant christians justify killing muslins...
EP0300: Refer to last 2000 years...

New Feed:
'http://www' for nourishment?
Hungry anyone?

Awaking from that sleep,
sunlight streaming,
and bird choruses deafeningly beautiful,
he looked around...
And looked back from 'the around',
at himself,
and thought to us all...

God Forbid.
I hope that was a bad dream.

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