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Nothing new under the sun..

Tech has largely become rinse-repeat..


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Since I gave up banging my head against technology on a daily basis to earn a crust I’ve also, obviously, needed to absorb much less ‘tech press’..

Coming back on an adhoc basis to technology press, and in particular enthusiast daily feeds like and hackernews, has been quite amusing really. The impression you’re left with is that there really isn’t ‘anything new under the sun’..

If these same feeds were for mechanics they might have headlines like:

“I undid a bolt with a pair of multigrips rather than using a sidchrome spanner”

“I fitted a lawnmower engine into my old aston martin car body to prove that it could be done - yes its painfully slow but it does move!”

“I reinvented the screwdriver for the 8 thousandth time - to prove that I could do it and to get something posted on hackernews”

“We stopped using our own car for A-B transport, and subscribed to a hire car instead”

“How to get 3256 rpm out your old Datsun 120Y instead of the original 3200 rpm”

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Online ramblings, both current and historic, by just another human bean