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These are a fairly unusual drivetrain for modern times - a two litre longitudinal mounted fuel injected turbo’d inline 4 (274), into a 7 speed auto , into rear wheel drive.

For the rear wheel drive they put 255 wide rubber on the back (225 on the front) to get the power ‘down on the road’. This particular example is using 19 inch rims with 40 profile ‘run-flats’.

2016 Mercedes C200 (W205) Coupe

2016 Mercedes C200 (W205) Coupe

The photographed 2016 model is in metallic selenite grey duco, with the AMG sports line package (interior/exterior/suspension), panoramic sunroof, and 14 spoke 19 inch high gloss AMG alloys in himalaya grey.

The 2015 C class is the C class’s fourth generation and are based on the Modular Rear Architecture (MRA). The coupe is implemented with an on-road wheel base of 2840mm, with slighly narrower rear track of 1506 mm compared to the front track of 1547mm (presumbably to accomodate the wider 255 rear tyres)

The engine’s heritage is pure Mercedes straight 4 in evolutionary development since at least the 90’s (some might argue since the 1950s :-P) with the 274 variant first released in 2012. The 274 are advanced piezo direct injected, variable lift camshaft, turbo-charged, 2 litre petrol engines.

The transmission’s heritage is the 5 speed 5g-tronic first introduced in the early 2000’s. The 2015 release c class’s unit being the fifth generation 7 speed variant (724.2, after several refinements this version introduced in 2013 from what I can find). In the C class it has five electronics modes from ‘eco’ to ‘sports+’ and supports auto stop start. It also has steering column ‘paddles’ for manual shifts, as well as being able to configure them for the car to be driven as a ‘straight manual’.

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