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A story about inflation

and here it comes..


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There’s no science to inflation, but you’re going to hear more about it (inflation) in the coming times (years probably).

If it interests you, try to ‘arm yourself’ with access to real analysis by reliable and interesting authors - this article by John Authers fits into that category in my opinion. The ‘vox-pop’ is always so short sighted as to be pretty much useless, and mostly cannot count as any sort of ‘analysis’ at all really.

My own take is, after a couple of decades of being interested in economics and politics, that crises (almost of any sort) seem to be inflationary. A key period I have in mind is the UK after the 2008 ‘GFC’ when UK inflation ran ahead of earnings by about 15% over 3-4 years by my reckoning (this chart seems to bear out my hunch).

Mind you, do remember that being interested in inflation is a ‘spectator sport’ because there is absolutely bugger all you can do about it 🙂

Buggered if i know 😛

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Online ramblings, both current and historic, by just another human bean