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Another failed 'blue blood' minister

⊰ 2022-06-30 by ShaunO ⊱

Hunt is another of the 'ivy league' educated 'blue bloods' (University of Melbourne, Yale), who have 'hung around' the system (in Hunt's case on Alexander Downer's coat-tails) for so long they end up 'being given' a safe seat as is the want of the liberal elite.

Hunt's ex-seat, Flinders, has been held by the liberals since 1954. Hunt 'retired' at 2022 election, and why wouldn't he? After being gifted his seat in 2001 by Peter Reith, and his 20 years in parliament, you could estimate he will net a lifetime pension of at least $150,000 per year!

What's clear is this elite education path does not necessarily produce good ministers (Hunt's like contemporaries include Alan Tudge, Angus Taylor, Dave Sharma, and Josh Frydenberg).

In fact I'd argue they're lousy ministers, as they are already 'blinkered' by 'class indoctrination', bring the arrogance from their 'training in the ivy league', and are complacent as their 'safe seats' confers a sense of 'entitlement' on them.

Frydenburg et. al. fell to this complacency in the last election as the electorate chucked them out 'on their ear', having become thoroughly sick of the liberals idiotic self-obsessed and arrogant in-fighting, at the expense of Australia's well-being in many policy areas (e.g. climate change).

Some of Hunt's policy positions whilst Health minister were little less that idiotic - i.e. vaping - where he was clearly being emotionally and ideologically, and not science, driven in his responses..

And here the press highlight yet another of liberals 'announced policies' that had absolutely no actual impact beyond the press release..

buggered if I know 😛

Just 24 health workers helped under Morrison government scheme to bring 2,000 medics to Australia


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