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Are we done with the 'looney right' now?

⊰ 2022-07-08 by ShaunO ⊱

We can only hope that this completes the era of bombast and narcissism.. Maybe Boris and Trump can go and have a drink together to console themselves down at the "delusions cafe"..

I think the pair have highlighted for many (including the Australian electorate) that no matter what they say, the 'looney right' haven't actually done anything they said they would do. The 'looney left' would be no better of course, because rhetoric doesn't equal action, and the looney fringe of whatever fanatical breed are 'talkers not doers'.

The likes of Farage, Morrison, Abbot, Johnson, Trump et. al. have taken politics in their respective countries down to the lowest moral level in a very long time. They have not led, they have divided, they have unashamedly been self-serving and the electorates have paid the price.

Let's hope the lessons inflicted on electorates by these clowns have been learned because in the very uncertain times ahead, we are going to need pragmatic, practical, 'can-do' political leadership.. Old fashioned inclusive, negotiated, and consensual policy positions would give us a chance to 're-centre' our politics.

buggered if I know 😛

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