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Another Queensland Dinosaur?

⊰ 2022-08-13 by ShaunO ⊱

Astute analysis by Katharine here.

Whilst I very much doubt (or maybe it's just hope on my part) Dutton will ever lead the opposition into an election (him being, as I've previously argued, the prototypical post election loss 'seat warmer' leader who will be toppled by his own colleagues mid-late term) Katherine's definitely on the money that he's looking distinctly paleolithic presently.

I hope Katharine's right that Australian's have realised that 'politics as normal' is not only no longer viable, it's disastrous. The old cliche 'if you didn't vote, then don't complain' applies (even though this saying is obviously born in non-compulsory systems like the UK and the US) equally in Australia - if you're not paying attention politically then you'll just have to 'wear whatever shit the political class throws at you'.

What we now know after the last 25 years of 'politics as normal' is that, left to their own devices, the political class will do as little as possible, ignore the national interest, and neglect the well being of the populace. And all with no regrets and no compunction it seems.

If you want Australian values such as egalitarianism, tolerance, and a 'fair go' to survive then I think people have realised they better vote for them - because given half a chance, and especially if there's money in it, the political elite will 'sell us down the river'..

And, what is it about Queensland politicians that allows them to be simultaneously so out of touch and yet still totally 'full of themselves'?

buggered if I know 😛

Why is Peter Dutton ignoring all the lessons that got Anthony Albanese into the Lodge? | Katharine Murphy


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