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Just don't do what 'they' did

⊰ 2022-09-06 by ShaunO ⊱

With Labor seemingly still in a 'honeymoon' period, even though they have past the '100 day marker', it's not a bad idea to reflect and see if there's a coherent strategy showing up via their actions...

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Leopard changing its spots?

⊰ 2022-08-23 by ShaunO ⊱

I like Gordon Brown, I think he's probably smart, genuine, and honest. But I can't help thinking when I see him 'don his socialist suit' like he is in [this article](https://www.theguardian.com/com...

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We must tax profits now, freeze energy price rises - and if necessary bring suppliers into the public sector | Gordon Brown

Feudalism is alive and well

⊰ 2022-08-02 by ShaunO ⊱

There's nothing astonishingly [new here](https://aeon.co/essays/the-great-replacement-is-real-but-its-not-what-the-right-says) I'd argue, it's a well known story mired in a little more 'academica spe...

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The great replacement is real but its not what the Right says | Aeon Essays

Squeeze 'em till their "pips squeak"

⊰ 2022-07-27 by ShaunO ⊱

So, as usual, the IMF's advice to 'policy makers' now is to up, and up, interest rates until the "people's pips squeak" and inflation comes down.. You see it's not rocket science how this works - wh...

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IMF downgrades 'gloomy' economy as inflation and rate jitters continue, but ASX trades up

Bill knows what he's talking about

⊰ 2022-07-21 by ShaunO ⊱

[Bill](http://bilbo.economicoutlook.net/blog/) has far more expertise than I, and has been [talking about these problems](http://bilbo.economicoutlook.net/blog/?p=50155), which I've only in my latter...

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⊰ 2022-07-20 by ShaunO ⊱

I love these 'non-speeches' by RBA functionaries. "We'll take everything into consideration before we make a decision" Yeah, well, duh.. who would have thought? What's more interesting is what th...

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Up to a third of mortgage holders could struggle to keep up with repayments, RBA says

What do we want? When do we want it?

⊰ 2022-07-18 by ShaunO ⊱

Today's long read.. These Gareth Hutchen's [articles](https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-11-01/why-wouldnt-governments-want-full-employment/12836424) are very informative because they shed light on hi...

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One unemployed person per vacant job: Has Australia finally hit full employment?

UK real wage decline worst than post-GFC

⊰ 2022-07-11 by ShaunO ⊱

The following graph shows what I anecdotally experienced post-GFC (2008) in the UK. My best guess was a fall in real wages of between 10-15% over 2008-2013. That fall is significantly faster now by ...

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U.K.?s Next Leader Faces Challenges Unseen Since Thatcher

SA Land Valuation Increases..

⊰ 2022-07-09 by ShaunO ⊱

So, as suspected, we can expect land valuation increases across SA of between 10-30% according to [their report](https://www.valuergeneral.sa.gov.au/publications/VGYIR2021.PDF) by the [valuer genera...

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Looking for the villian..

⊰ 2022-07-09 by ShaunO ⊱

>"Aussie consumers are now being hammered by the fastest interest rate increases in a quarter of a century that are crushing disposable incomes; a massive reduction in real wage growth as a result o...

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How the RBA duped Aussie households

"Elite safe-seaters choir of moaning"'

⊰ 2022-07-06 by ShaunO ⊱

Albanese needs to quickly learn to *not to respond* to 'click bait' from the opposition. Alan Tudge's whine on Monday, followed by Littleproud's, and then Taylor's, completed the trio of the LNP's "...

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Anthony Albanese defends overseas trip after Coalition criticises him for being away during NSW floods

'Stop spending so much if you want lower rates'

⊰ 2022-07-05 by ShaunO ⊱

Of course that's what needs to happen, and will happen - it's just unsaid. Inflation presently is generally accepted (not universally though) to be a supply side, or external factor, problem. The a...

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Stop spending so much if you want lower rates

They're making it up!..

⊰ 2022-06-25 by ShaunO ⊱

As an amateur student of 'the markets' for a decade or so, it's constantly surprising how little 'empirical anything' exists in this sphere of modern life. Take todays (24Jun22) northern hemisphere ...

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Stocks Roar Back With Best Week in a Month: Markets Wrap

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