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Yay! You Lose

⊰ 2022-09-30 by ShaunO ⊱

Yeah all great news.. not.. The thrust [here](https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-09-29/australia-s-policy-downshift-hindered-by-global-tightening-wave?sref=QlpF64WK) is the RBA knows that...

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Australia’s Policy Downshift Hindered by Global Tightening Wave

Robbing Peter to pay Paul?

⊰ 2022-08-30 by ShaunO ⊱

It's a very strange world we live in.. Think about it, the 'economy' needs workers, 'mothers' seem to be an available demographic, so let's *pay them* (in childcare subsidies) to get them into the wo...

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'Locked out of the labour market' Why mothers like Marianne are staying home

It's a tax rort, always has been

⊰ 2022-07-22 by ShaunO ⊱

Yeah well, duh.. who would of thought?.. We all know tax on investment property gains, and even more, the tax breaks (negative gearing) are a rort, always have been. Middle class subsidies is all t...

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'Unprecedented growth in house prices': OECD calls for cap on housing tax breaks benefiting the rich

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer..

⊰ 2022-06-19 by ShaunO ⊱

full disclose: I'm not a Bandt fan, not sure why, he's always rubbed my intuition 'up the wrong way'.. He doesn't strike me as the sharpest knife in the drawer either.. More objectively the greens, ...

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Adam Bandt decries Labor’s ‘take it or leave it’ approach on 2030 emissions target

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