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All alone?

⊰ 2010-11-25 by ShaunO ⊱

in the slush bucket of Love...

all alone,
is it true?
doubtful, in the new e-commerce blue...
SIGINT is all over you...

The socialist calling?
the socio... <...

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Thank you

⊰ 2010-05-18 by ShaunO ⊱

Dear cousin Tony thank you for all your gifts, none more so than this song...

When one gets a glimpse of its feeling and meaning it's one of the greatest gifts one could receive from anoth...

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to the 'Heart of the Matter'

⊰ 2010-03-27 by ShaunO ⊱

The Heart of the Matter
Don Henley

"took 42 years to write and 4 minutes to sing..."

I got the call today
That I didn't wanna ...

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What's the reason?

⊰ 2009-09-24 by ShaunO ⊱

What's the reason?
your reason?
for doing it?
for doing anything?

Out of pleasure?
Do you then find?..
yourself tied up in knots,
Entwined in your own ego?
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Could be Miserable...

⊰ 2009-09-05 by ShaunO ⊱

I shall reach
this state
if I try
really hard...

is easier
less face muscles
to exercise

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Potpourri V

⊰ 2009-06-28 by ShaunO ⊱

Well, a sunny day in 'Narfawlk'... Not Norfolk, but can recommend catching Northfork the film if you get a chance - nice, and suitably quirky...
(photo from: doublefeaturepodcast...

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BBQ Haiku

⊰ 2009-06-24 by ShaunO ⊱

slice of dead cows bum
in summer barbeque breeze
mine medium rare please

couldn't resist

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Wind on a cliff top

⊰ 2009-06-22 by ShaunO ⊱

Cheek to cheek
and softness
eyes half closed
private thoughts
on brief reunions...

Exotic dance
and secret song
echoes in their ear...

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Just a bit of writing

⊰ 2009-05-20 by ShaunO ⊱

Streaking cirrus
on blue and
light orange sky
another day goes by.
Another day
spring already weaning
flowers beautiful

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What's Love?

⊰ 2009-05-15 by ShaunO ⊱

On river flowing,
next bend,
next turn,
flowers spilling off,
a tree in full spring flight.
Loud music,
loud emotions,
feel like you can't turn a trick,

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God Bless Reality

⊰ 2009-05-01 by ShaunO ⊱

The springtime fields
jumping out to meet you.

Have you met you recently?

They are dancing with you
in colour
and in light
it's so dazzling

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God Forbidden Dream

⊰ 2009-04-27 by ShaunO ⊱

They found him in the bathroom,
exit wound identifiable,
full metal jacket,
muzzle velocity,
2,800 feet per second,
blew the back of his head,
clean out.
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Dear Mr TV Licencing Authority

⊰ 2009-02-17 by ShaunO ⊱

==== AN OPEN LETTER ====

I am at a loss for words...

Well I was, but I have subjected myself to intense pyschotherapy since receiving your lett...

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Hook, Line, and Sinker

⊰ 2009-02-07 by ShaunO ⊱

Yeah c'mon!
belly-flop in,
take a big mouthful,
of those ghosts,
which have been.

Squiggle the surface,
a tempting?
a pretty fishing 'fly'?
see its refle...

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Goodbye Mr Rat...

⊰ 2009-02-01 by ShaunO ⊱

Never e'nuff certainty,
although, of course,
'constant change' comes to mind,
oh, that cliche again...
possibly more accurate...
the constancy of history repeating?

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An Elephant in the Pantry?

⊰ 2009-01-14 by ShaunO ⊱

Have you forgiven?
Remembered that awful moment...
Dwelled in anger on the cusp of...

Stomping about,
making a point,
more than you liste...

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Have you ever looked?

⊰ 2009-01-08 by ShaunO ⊱

Have you ever seen...

A bear on a rocky Alaskan mountain side hunting moths?

A glacier spreading its feet,
through a Himalayan valley...
from space?

Have yo...

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