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The party kicked off at 5:30 with Owen the first to arrive to set up the 'Great Aussie Space Heater' (GASH for short for all those that have now been intimate with one).

gash.jpg (33470 bytes)
Brian, Owen and Margy enjoying the warm around the fire

Most people had joined the party by 6:30 or so and the guest of honour herself arrived at about 7 (I've heard of fashionably late but.... *grin*).  Champagne was flowing and people were feasting on a wonderful selection of foods; pate, focaccia, anti-pasto, dips, oysters, prawns.......


lbaparty.jpg (40062 bytes)
Clockwise from the purple hat :) ; Lorna, Ian, Anne, Lyn, Bernadette and Gary

Music was low at this point and after 45 rounds of introductions the main meal was put together with much merriment in the kitchen and the occasional disciplining 'get out of the bloody kitchen' calls.

The gaggle of chefs had put together an eclectic mix of mains including; hot veggies, curry, spaghetti, chicken, salads.... the crowds feasted and continued the champagne consumption :)

The trunk in the kitchen was festoons with a range of tributes from people who can't read (*haha*) and these were destined to be opened by Ros over breakfast on Sunday morning.

rljpparty.jpg (45472 bytes)
Ros, Lorna, John and Pam feasting away

The music was getting louder and had become predominantly Beatles and the lounge room began to get some adventurous dancers strutting their stuff.




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Pre Party Decorations





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Pam, Anna and 'Caped' Ros





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Margy, Brian and Judy








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Irene and Gary entertaining with a solo number....

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