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I have been moved to write about Ros on occasion; in an effort to better express the admiration and love for one whom I consider to be a remarkable human being.  I share some of my literary thoughts with you here.


Ros' Garden

Organised anarchy,
a plan none the less,
a view to behold,
a vision years hence.

Corners and contours, flowers and trees,
in autumn a falling,
and hues all on the change.

Borders and openess, sunshine and rain,
in winter trees frame,

mornings crunchy under foot.

Colours and textures, stillness and breeze,
in springtime a splash,
birds in the nest and on the wing.

Timber and brickwork, vines on the deck,
in summertime a coolness,
evenings bring in the sunset.

Stop for moment, stop to enjoy,
let your smile wash over you,
in Ros' garden.

Shaun, May 1998

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rzzzygarden.jpg (94003 bytes)
A collage of greenery taken in Ros' Garden


mexros.jpg (12774 bytes)
Ros, Mexico, 70's; another margarita
and feeling no pain *haha*


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Gentle and loving to my child,
and I will be to yours.
Stimulating and expressive to my adult,
and I have been to yours.
Strong and sensible to my parent,

and I can be to yours.
Thankyou for helping me to get here,
it would have taken longer without you.

I wish you constant happiness for your future,
and happiness for us too,
in our future.

Shaun, Dec 1997

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