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Which lens to use?

Looking differently, changes what people see


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I’m not a Stan Grant ‘fan’, but he shows an ability to interpret, synthesise, and communicate some complex ideas in this short piece.

It alludes well to the fact that interpreting ‘past and present’ depends entirely on who is holding the lens, and in which direction they are pointing it.

The most common mistake we all make (from simple individual opinions to politicians in geopolitics) it to assume that everyone is looking down the same telescope and have it pointed in the same direction as ‘we’ do..

Buggered if I know 😛

UK's chest wound

Time for Pragmatism?


1-Minute Read

It is surprising, given the obvious costs/impacts of Brexit on the UK, that UK politicians keep shooting themselves in the feet by defying the reality of the situation they have created.

Calling for pragmatism after you’ve ripped apart a ‘status-quo’ which had existed for 40 years is the absolute height of hypocrisy.

The time for pragmatism was when the Tories were infighting over their stance on Europe. It would have been pragmatic to resolve their issue internally then.

It’s way too late for pragmatism now.. It’s like you’ve been shot by ‘friendly fire’, and after the fact you’re going to argue about the most pragmatic way of dealing with a gaping, air-sucking, chest wound..

Buggered if I know 😛

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