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Government by idiots for idiots

Throwing your children's tax money away..


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“The result is an embarrassment for a conservative government that prides itself on fiscal discipline and criticized excess spending by the then-Labor government during the 2008-09 financial crisis.”

There’s an understatement if I ever saw one..

Aside from making the conservative government look idiotic economically (I’d argue that they are going for the ‘clean sweep’ - i.e. making themselves look like idiots in every policy category 😛) it seems indicative of this government’s inability to make relevant policy and then legislate to accurately enact it.

This government (and I don’t really care what ‘colour’ they are politically - red, blue, pink or green 😛) has managed to spend their decade ‘in power’ achieving virtually ‘feck all’.. this news round just adds to the list of damning indictments I think..

Buggered if I know 😛

Jobkeeper Hand Wringing?

Everyone had their snout in the trough..


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Even ‘Aunty’ is starting to look more tabloid..

Does anybody think jobkeeper was designed to benefit businesses? - No it was designed to put most of ‘Australia on the dole’ (without them showing up in unemployment numbers).

Without a doubt it was badly designed and has ended up being a huge free triple martini for corporates but, and it’s a big but, corporates are not to blame for doing what the government instructed them to do, legally, so that the government could meet the governments objectives (keeping you employed and paid).

This government has borrowed and pissed all that money down the tubes paying your ‘dole’ money for 9-12 months. Let’s face it, everybody (individuals and businesses) had their snout in the jobkeeper trough.

If that pisses you off, blame the government and, tell them so at the ballot box.

Buggered if I know 😛

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