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Childcare where your rugrat is a 'widget'


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Well this is what you’ve been voting for over the past 25 years - the widgetisation of economy. An economy where everything is outsourced, quantified, and treated as a ‘profit center’.

And childcare is no different. Instead of risking being labelled a misogynist by suggesting families actually rear their own children, I think I’ll just stick with the economy of the thing..

Your some years old, two footed, screaming banshee is simply a ‘widget’ in the childcare system.

And a widget’s purpose is to, as a single unit, create as much profit margin as possible. The fact that your child is a human being is an unfortunate inconvenience. That inconvenience means that they require another human being to be involved in their care, and human beings are expensive things to pay wages to. This all means, basically, that it’s both expensive to provide childcare services, and lousy at making profits - a lose, lose situation.

Of course once we can get a single robot to herd up and keep a few hundred rugrats under control, it might all become both more affordable and profitable!! :-D

Buggered if I know 😛

Ideology? Principles?

Don't be silly..


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Ideology? Principles?

Dont be silly! This is politics!

Where we spend your tax money buying jobs, so that at the next election we can tell you how great the job market is, how great we are, and how great our mates in business are ..

And you’ll ‘buy our crap’ because you are the silly electorate, have short memories, and as long as we give you a tax cut you’ll vote for us!

In response to this ABC article

Buggered if I know 🙂 😛

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